Bartle & Gibson On Green Energy

Apr 26, 2013
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The modern lifestyle to which most of us have become accustomed to, was made possible by way of inexpensive fossils fuels allowing businesses to cost effectively grow their market share and expand realatively quickly in the Western world. Over time, however, we as Westerners have become increasingly aware of the negative environmental impacts of such fuel resources. We see it with the oilsands, we hear about it on the news and we experience it in when smog covers our cities and we are warned to stay indoors due to poor air quality.

This realization has pushed businesses in North America once again to grow and evolve - many companies, both large and small, are now doing their part to reduce their strain on these non-renewable energy providers. They are upgrading their lighting to more energy efficient bulbs, attaching solar panels to their rooftops and decreasing their overall consumption of electricity with occupancy sensors and timer switches (all of which we sell by the way). What many may not many not realize, however, is that not only do these changes help the environment, but they can also ease the budget. Many of the LED bulbs Bartle & Gibson carries, as an example, can replace as many 8 incandescent bulbs - this equates to costs savings dollar per dollar at the product purchase level before even considering the energy savings (which is substantial in and of itself). If this isn't enough Bartle & Gibson is able to offer financing options through our manufacturers and in many cases this can provide a positive cashflow from the start of a retrofitting project. This financing program is perfect for businesses that haven't accounted for these types of expenditures in their annual budget, but want to start energy saving right away.

Though the energy prices for oil and gas are still relatively inexpensive compared to wind and solar, Bloomberg released a study Monday, April 22 that projects by the time the year 2030 rolls around 70% of all new power generated will come from renewable resources. The largest peices of this pie being wind and solar energy. This likely means that energy prices will continue to rise and so will strain on businesses to reduce their overall power consumption. Bartle & Gibson is fully equiped to help our business partners with this transformation and any energy retrofitting they may be considering. 

For more information on LED Retrofitting, our financing options or new technologies that Bartle & Gibson is promoting to increase your energy savings, please contact our Clean Energy Specialist: