New Products: LED Lighting

Feb 3, 2014
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Now available at Bartle & Gibson

We are pleased to announce the following products are now available at your nearest Bartle & Gibson. 

1. Fluxstream LED Linear Lighting

The FluxStream LED linear is a new, high performing luminaire delivering smooth diffuse light ideal for light industrial, commercial and residential applications with the unparalleled energy efficiency of Philips LEDlighting.


  • Sleek and compact design ideal for installation in tight spaces.
  • Rugged 100% frost acrylic lens shields LEDs from direct view.
  • Capable of providing 3900 lm per 4' (nominal) length with 100% frost lens.
  • High lumen package with 10% frost lens provides up to 4100 lm per 4' (nominal) length.
  • Long life LEDs provide 100,000 hours (L70) LED lumen maintenance free system life.
  • Variety of mounting options for installation flexibility. 
  • Wall mountable – ADA compliant.Snap in LED pan and single grounding screw for easy installation.
  • Row mountable with continuous row joiner.
  • 3900 lm package version capable of providing similarlight levels to a (2) 28W T5 strip while using 33% less energy.
  • Dimming and motion detector options available.
  • Ideal for installation in refrigerated areas (down to -20°C).
  • Enclosed lens prevents penetration of dust, insects and other debris into the lamp compartment.
  • 8' unit available.
  • Fully enclosed wiring and LED diodes.
  • 80+ CRI and excellent color consistency.
  • Listed on the DesignLights

Download Specification Sheet Here

B&G Code: PC 1164615 | Philips LF4FR3940ULAG Flux stream LED strip 3900 LMS 4000K

2. Recessed Luminaire, LED (available 2' x 2' and 4' x 2')


  • Prismatic acrylic lens.
  • Flat steel door frame with 500 square inch lens opening.
  • Can provide 52 initial footcandles at 0.56 watts per square foot.
  • Delivers 3860 lumens with just 44.9 input watts.
  • Field replaceable LED array and drivers accessible from below.
  • Integrated thermal management system conducts heat away from LEDs and transfers it to the surrounding environment.
  • Factory calibrated intelligent driver capable of providing various lumen outputs to balance energy savings with lighting application needs.
  • High efficiency LEDs have 50,000 hour rated life at L70.
  • Predicted L70 lifetime is based on LED manufacturer’s supplied LM-80 data and in-situ laboratory testing.
  • 5" deep body.
  • Earthquake/Hold-down clips.
  • Hemmed over side rails for maximum safety.
  • Spring loaded rooster head latches.
  • Not for continuous row mounting
  • Five-year warranty on luminaire, LED boards and driver.

Download 2x2 Specification Sheet Here

Download 2x4 Specification Sheet Here

B&G Code: PC 1164616 | Philips SP22GFSVA38A40ULAG Spec Plus 2 x 2 Troffer

B&G Code: PC 1164614 | Philips SP24GFSVA43A40ULAG Spec Plus 2x 4 Troffer