People Power

Jan 31, 2013
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Here at Bartle and Gibson we pride ourselves on customer service. We know that our employees make the difference in how our customers perceive us. The following is a story about a couple of our employees who went above and beyond their job descriptions to give our customers exceptional service.

The story starts in October 2012, with our B.C. Electrical Sales Manager being contacted by a major project manager in the general contracting business. This individual was calling us to discuss a large project that he was involved with in Fort McMurray. The project required material for multiple camp sights, over 2000 light fixtures and had a very strict deadline. Not only this, but the design work, which indicates to distributors what materials are required for a job, had yet to be started.

The contractor had only until early January to complete the job. Seeing the need of the customer to get the project moving quickly and knowing that Bartle & Gibson had the resources to help, our Edmonton Electrical Sales Rep was brought on board for his design expertise on electrical systems. This sales rep worked with the both the project manager and electrical contractors to design a highly effective and energy efficient system for the job requiring 45 distribution transformers and panel boards. 

In the meantime, an additional item was added to the mix. While our sales rep was working on the electrical component and coordinating input from the Siemens factory, it was decided that two sewage lift stations would be added to the project. Still everything needed to be complete in 12 weeks. Our Electrical Sales Manager worked diligently with the general contractor to plan and complete this part of the project as typically, this is not an area that distributors work in, and it would be too time consuming to bring in a third party by this point. Ultimately, through hard work and understanding the customer's needs, our Electrical Manager became paramount in making this part of the project a success.

When the acquisition of materials can take 12 weeks alone, we can only say that it was due to the hard work and determination of our staff to deliver this project within 6 weeks of the design being approved; on time and on budget.

We want to extend an appreciative thank you to these team members who exceeded the expectations of our customers and who were vital to the success of this project. As is the case with any project, the most effective results come by utilizing resources properly and at Bartle & Gibson our best resources are our people.

Thanks team and keep up the good work!