World Plumbing Day is March 11

Mar 5, 2014
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Every person on the planet is affected by the availability of clean drinking water and basic sanitation.

Established in 2010 by the World Plumbing Council (WPC), World Plumbing Day is dedicated to helping the general public better understand the vital role the plumbing industry plays in protecting public health and safety, the extent to which it helps limit mankind’s environmental footprint and other important work performed by contractors, inspectors, installers, engineers, and manufacturers.

To promote World Plumbing Day Bartle & Gibson is asking you to high five a plumber (with their permission of course) on March 11, 2014 to show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication. Clean water is not a luxury; safe clear drinking water and sanitation is possible in any nation, big or small, when simple, sound plumbing practices are adopted. The two major trends of the 20th century, population growth and urbanization, coupled with increasing globalization of the 21st century, pose some real challenges to our global communities in ensuring the integrity of plumbing systems. 

Whatever the technology, locality or culture involved, quality water supply and sanitation are constant fundamentals of a healthy human society in both the built and natural environments. Technology may change, and cultures may evolve but this fact of life will not. To live together in the world, humans need plumbing...and of course plumbers!

For more information about World Plumbing Day, visit:
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