Yellowknife Customer BBQ A Great Time

Jun 18, 2014
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Another CAD (Customer Appreciation Day) at the Yellowknife branch has come and gone. Held on June 18th, it was the 12th Annual CAD and it was a success!

Over 200 customers enjoyed the various training seminars that were held during the week by various reps, as well as the mini trade show showing off products, not to mention the excellent 1/2lb burgers & huge hot dogs, backed up by sunshine we can’t call it anything else than a success.  Wednesday evening ended off with 33 people being taken out to a local restaurant for an awesome meal.

Thanks goes out to the 22 reps who came from out of town as well as our corporate Purchasing Manager and Electrical Sales Manager from the head office in Edmonton, our two cooks (the wives of two staff members), the two cooks helpers who were manning the tables, one incredible photographer (who Yellowknife manager says makes him look good even if he says he doesn’t) and last but not least the five staff who put in a lot of hard work in the weeks leading up to this yearly event. Without the help of all these great people, our branch manager feels the event would not have been the success it turned out to be. He says he can’t wait for the 13th Annual CAD. Well, maybe he says he’ll get some rest first.