Lighting isn't just adding light to darkness. Lighting can affect the psychological well-being and interest of staff and customers. 

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Our Promise

Enhancing the experience through lighting is what we strive for. Each space has its unique flow and we want to accent this with our specialized commercial lighting design.

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Share with us your goals for your commercial lighting project. Is it aesthetics/ambiance? Use the most energy efficent lighting? Or?


It's all in the...Share as many details as you can:

  • ceiling height, ceiling/floor/wall material & colour
  • desired lighting style, lighting type, brands etc. 
  • space type: office, retail, warehouse, public etc.


Once we've figured our your goals and details we will schedule an on-site inspection in order to figure the feasibility, budget, and any recommendations we may have. 


We can then send you an accurate quotation with cost breakdowns, timeline, available install dates and other pertinent information.


After receiving the quote, you can follow-up with any questions you may have with the quotation and any other aspect of the project.


If you accept the job, the project can include:

  • a layout (3D modeling) based on building codes
  • supply of the latest & most efficient light products
  • energy audits & rebate application assistance
  • continuous project updates from start to finish 


We pride ourselves on our after-sale care. Not only do we provide a comprehensive service for warranty issues, we're also available for any questions and help after the job is done. 

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