Water softening is the removal of calcium, magnesium, and other metal cations in hard water to enhance water quality. 

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From what gets the water to you to enhancing its quality, our pumps and water treatment services are here to help for both city, rural, residential and commercial water applications. 

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Share with us your goals for your water project. Are you looking to enhance water quality? Bring water to a new location? Or?


It's all in the..Share as many details as you can:

  • current weather source location, ie is it well water?
  • what are the issues with current water quality?
  • water application type (ie rural, commercial, city)


Once we've figured out your goals we will ask for you to bring us water samples for testing or a water report from a health unit to determine the next course of action.


We can then send you an accurate quotation with cost breakdowns, timeline, plumber referrals and any other pertinent information.


After receiving the quote, you can follow-up with any questions you may have with the quotation and any other aspect of the project.


If you accept the job, the project will include:

  • water pipes, softener & pumps custom design
  • supply of the best materials on the market
  • coordinate timely installation by expert installers
  • continuous project updates from start to finish


We pride ourselves on our after-sales care. Not only do we provide a comprehensive service for warranty issues, we're also available for any questions and help after the job is done. 

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