Contest Winner Finishes Bathroom Makeover

Oct 29, 2015
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Last year, Bartle & Gibson along with their partner, American Standard, hosted the aptly named Ugliest Bathroom Contest. The program promised one $10,000 bathroom makeover prize to the contestant who received the most votes and won over our panel of judges. The general public first voted the most promising entires into a top 9 list based on who they felt owned the ugliest bathroom. Our panel of judges then determined a winner from those top 9.

October 31 of last year our contest period closed and we had the pleasure of announcing the winner. A contestant from Mission, BC was chosen based on the functionality of her bathroom as well as its overall ugliness. Today we have the pleasure of revealing to you the before and after pictures of her bathroom transformation.

Thank you to everyone who voted and helped make this contest possible! Our winner Elaine could not be more thrilled and asked us to pass along her immense gratitude as well.

Here was the story Elaine originally submitted:

"I think I deserve to win a makeover bathroom because I have lived with this bathroom for over 14 years and deserve a medal, we started renovating the house but ran out of money a few yrs ago and although the flooring is fairly new nothing else is new. I actually have a huge hole in the wall which has a turn on and off nozzle that we use every time we use bath( shower doesn't work anymore) hot water will not come out of shower nozzle luckily hot water tap still works when we use shut on and off valve."

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