Yellowknife Customer BBQ

Jun 17, 2015
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Our Yellowknife branch had another successful Customer Appreciation Day & Mini-Trade Show June 17/2015

After planning for 4 months they held many training seminars, served 31 dozen ½lb burgers & 10 dozen smokies to a group of eager customers on a bright day.

The branch was lucky to get 19 enthusiastic reps from many manufacturers from across the country. This meant there were several manufacturer guests who were visiting Yellowknife for the first time and got a taste of what their summers can be like. After the main event some were enjoying fishing & some golfing. It doesn't get dark in the summer so there was plenty of daylight to get in many activities.

In the words of our branch manager "After either a 1 ½ hour flight or a 16 hour drive, it is great to see the reaction of people to their first visit to Yellowknife. It can be summed up in one word – WOW"

The CAD for year 2016 is already being looked forward to , just that we need a little rest first.