A Sleek Solution (Even for Awkward Spaces) – ModulR by Maax

Apr 29, 2016
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Example of wet room using ModulR by Maax. Bathtub behind walk-in shower unit.

Example of wet room using ModulR by Maax. Bathtub behind walk-in shower unit.

Sometimes bathroom renovations are easy; there’s a straightforward layout, the walls are in all the right places, and the floorplan fits beautifully with the shower/tub combo you want to install.  It’s nice when you can have everything work out perfectly.

The rest of us, however, have awkward bathrooms.  Stub walls, alcoves, L-shaped shower/tub combinations, and odd linen closet placements all spell out the end of a dream of bathroom renos.  The reality sinks in that custom work is prohibitively expensive, and nobody makes parts that will fit those awkward spaces (especially if you have specific ideas about how it should all look). 

Until now.  ModulR is yet another ground-breaking innovation by Maax.  With a simple set of components, the ModulR system can be arranged into over a thousand different configurations.  Sleek, modern design and simple assembly, combined with parts that are easy to work with make this a natural option for any bathroom design, awkward or not.  Whether your shower has to fit one, two, or three walls; or if you want your new arrangement to be flush, recessed, or semi-recessed into a wall, ModulR can make it happen.

Not only is there now a reasonable solution for those awkward bathrooms, but it’s also simple to access.  The user-friendly interface requires minimal effort to find the perfect layout.  Homeowners with quirky walls – our time has finally come!