Bells, Whistles, and Diamonds – Litze articulating faucet by Brizo

May 1, 2018
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Sometimes 'basic' is adequate.

Your kindergartener doesn't need locally harvested, handcrafted, red oak pencils for their first day of school, and when you need a yard of dirt for a landscaping project, you probably aren't looking for single-sourced, aged, imported loam from a reputable Italian farm.

But some things are worth doing right.  Your kitchen faucet is unquestionably one of those things.  Don't believe me?  Keep a tally of how many times you use your kitchen faucet in a single day: every time you rinse a piece of fruit, wash your hands, soak a dish, fill a glass, top up a kettle...  This is one part of your home that should have the bells and whistles.  And, if you're buying a Litze articulating faucet from Brizo, it could also have diamonds.

Why do you want diamonds in a tap?  Because Brizo's patented Diamond Seal Technology integrates these super-hard gemstones into their cartridges to last ten times longer than the industry standard, without and metal exposed parts within their special ceramic cartridge design.  One side of the cartridge perpetually cleans the other, resulting in smooth, effortless, and sealed operation for up to five million uses.

Buy cheap pencils, buy cheap dirt, and get a faucet with diamonds: you'll spend the next five million visits to your kitchen sink being thankful that you did.

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