Flexibility – Franke Chillout Faucet

Nov 6, 2017
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People have all sorts of positive traits that we admire – there’s never a bad time to be loyal, hard-working, or caring.  But in a world that seems to be moving and changing faster each day, the concept of flexibility has become increasingly important.  We all know someone who has an uncanny ability to be chill and maintain their cool by calmly readjusting to every circumstance that gets thrown their way.

Regardless of whether you’re one of those people, it’s easy to see the value in flexibility.  And while not every positive attribute can be shared with kitchen fixtures, flexibility is almost as useful in a faucet as it is in people.  Franke’s lineup of Chillout faucets is just like that person we each know – flexible enough to take on any task, even something awkward or unexpected.  The Chillout faucet has a full 360° swivel, a generous ten-inch height between the base and the nozzle, and only requires a single port on the counter, making it easy to adopt in any sink layout while leaving plenty of space.  If there’s a task that needs to be done in a sink, this faucet is right for the job.

Flexibility isn’t limited to function though: the Chillout faucet also maintains fluidity in its design (no pun intended).  Its contemporary style is smooth and clean without being overly edgy, allowing it to comfortably fit into any kitchen motif.

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We might not all be as flexible as we want, but having the right faucet might just help us adapt a little easier to our daily kitchen circumstances.