Perfectionism Satisfied – Decora Screwless Wall Plates

Mar 3, 2017
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It's not difficult to bother a perfectionist: a slightly askew piece of wall art, one item missing from a clearly defined set, or a jumble of items that could be cleanly contained is all it takes to make one twitch. The idea of order, symmetry, and alignment in all things seems the pinnacle of satisfaction to individuals with such standards.

But what of the tiny detail that lies in the inevitable misalignment of screws on switch plates and receptacle covers? They're so small, after all, and really shouldn't bother anyone.  Besides, it's entirely unrealistic to expect something so benign to work out perfectly every time. And yet, once this realization has been made by a perfectionist, it cannot be unmade. There are dozens, maybe even hundreds of tiny little chaotic screw heads in a home that refuse to submit to the precision demanded.

Find them here.

Thank goodness for the perfectionists behind the Decora line of Leviton products who understand the struggle.  Goodbye visible screws and subsequent chaos—hello sleek, clean switch plates and receptacle covers.  Further perfection can be found in precise fan speed controls, convenient timer switches, and savvy Bluetooth-compatible dimmer switches.  Some things in life can’t align perfectly – but now, because of Leviton, there’s one less thing to worry about.