Practical – Countertop Pop-Up Boxes by Rack-A-Tiers

Dec 12, 2017
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It’s not really a secret – sometimes “practical” is a euphemism for “ugly.”  It’s a word that gets used when the result isn’t necessarily pretty, but there’s no better way to make something work.

Outlets are practical.  We need them, and these days, we need lots of them.  It’s practical to have a good number of outlets reasonably distributed, especially in rooms where a lot of things get plugged in, such as a kitchen.  And so long as you don’t mind interrupting your beautiful custom backsplash or the side of your island with a receptacle that might only see occasional use, it’s practical to put outlets all over the place.  But is there a better way?

Thanks to Rack-A-Tiers, now there is.  Their countertop pop-up boxes hide away unused outlets under your choice of colour-coordinating faceplates.  Pop up your island-top outlet when you need to plug in your slow cooker, and hide it away again once you’re done.  Creating a custom kitchen that won’t have much wall-space, or a backsplash that’s worth featuring?  Integrate outlets directly into your countertops that can disappear when they aren’t in use.

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Practically speaking, you’ll always need outlets in your kitchen – but now practical doesn’t have to mean ugly.