Sink Space? – Franke Chef Center Sink

Apr 20, 2017
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Looking for a new home is a challenge.  Finding the right neighbourhood, being close to amenities you’ll actually use, and getting the right number of bedrooms are all important.  But as every real estate agent will tell you, the heart of the home is the kitchen.  Potential buyers are usually quick to note the number of cabinets and the amount of counter space.

It’s understandable, really; we need space to put things and space to do things.  This is perhaps more true of the kitchen than any other room.  Most homebuyers immediately make mental notes regarding counter space, never paying much attention to the sink.  That’s all about to change. 

The Chef Center by Franke is exactly what you want the rest of your kitchen to be… and it’s a sink.  It contains its own counter space, and storage space, and is likely more adaptable than anything else you have in your kitchen at the moment.  Modular accessories with variable height settings, adaptable compartments limited only by your imagination, and Franke’s ingenious Roller Mat allow for essentially any kitchen task short of making toast.  The Chef Center also boasts a unique push-button remote strainer basket, mobile drain tray, and custom colander.  Regardless of your kitchen size, you’ll have space for this sink – because it’s so much more than just a sink.

Watch the video here

Look out, counter space.  Sink space just made a bold move.