Warm Ambiance

Jan 14, 2016
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Life is riddled with mundane and utilitarian tasks: required daily routines that add little to the value and enjoyment of the day. For most people, showering has long-since become one of these daily to-do items. Instead, let it become a ritual—an opportunity to wash away stress and relax in the warm ambiance provided by Axor’s LampShower. Its 120 no-clog spray channels and rain-style spray combine with an innovative design from Nendo in this piece that boasts both creativity and functionality.

The LampShower isn’t just named for its shade-influenced design, but includes a fully functional light module and accompanying power supply. Bid farewell to a shower experience characterized by shadow and enjoy the soft glow of a new day. Life has enough routines—let showering become something a little more special.

  • 120 no-clog spray channels
  • Spray modes: Rain
  • Flow: 2.5 GPM
  • Fully-finished matching spray face
  • Low-voltage LED light module, Includes power supply and 23' connection cable, Includes brass showerarm