December 2020 New Electrical Products

Dec 1, 2020
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NEW - Polycarbonate Size 12x12x6"

Hammond has just launched a new size of polycarbonate enclosure as part of our PCJ Series. The new 12x12x6" is a popular size for numerous applications and it is now available in multiple formats for maximum flexibility:
• Solid or clear cover
• 4 mounting feet or full width mounting flange top and bottom
• Lift off cover or hinged cover ...Read More

NEW - Expanded Stainless Steel Drip Shield Options

Stainless steel enclosures are a focused product for Hammond. Drip shield kits are an often specified feature for outdoor applications and with the recent addition of new widths of stainless steel enclosures, they have expanded their drip shield offering to include 42", 48", 60" and 72" widths. These drip shield kits are easily installed on 4X enclosures using stainless steel bolts and sealing washers (included). ...Read More

SureTrace Circuit Tracer

Finding cables, wires and breakers can sometimes feel like a long game of hide and seek, extending labor costs and increasing customer downtime. It is frequently done by trial and error. IDEAL circuit tracers can be used to quickly identify breakers and fuses, trace wires behind walls, and pinpoint opens and shorts with unparalleled accuracy. But what makes SureTrace™ so special is its unparalleled accuracy. ...Read More

New Addition to ILSCO Stripping Tool Line

ILSCO is excited to reveal a faster, easier, and more refined way to strip cable with our new TST-CJ29PRO. Improvements from the non “PRO” version include a stronger blade, three locking positions, and better ergonomics. The blade was designed to be able to strip the harder insulation without breaking ...Read More


Control Your Entire Smart Home With Juno AI™
A LED light fixture that not only illuminates a room, but also locks the doors, schedules appointments, adjusts your thermostat, tells your family dinner is ready, reads you a book, runs the vacuum, dims the lights for movie night… the list is endless. Juno AI controls any smart home device that works with Alexa. ...Read More

IR1 Infrared Digital Thermometer with Targeting Laser

Klein Tools' new IR1 Infrared Thermometer is the perfect tool for use in both temperature inspections and troubleshooting. With a targeting laser to provide a wide measurement range for hard-to-reach areas this thermometer is perfect to easily measure temperatures across any jobsite. Infrared Thermometer has an optical resolution of 10:1. ...Read More

Residential Surge Protection Panel

The 51110-SRG residential surge protection panel is designed for mounting at the service entrance in homes, apartments and condominiums. It offers advanced surge protection for modern electronics and appliances, reducing the risk of damage from spikes and surges entering the property through AC power lines. ...Read More

Poke-Through Floor Boxes

No more struggling to install a Poke-Through device. Industry-exclusive adjustable anchoring clips securely lock the unit inside a cored hole, while allowing for easy removals for inspections, adjustments and repairs.
• Ease of Installation: Two-piece construction allows the device to self-level up to 4 degrees
• Superior Performance: Adjustable hardened steel anchoring clips securely lock unit inside a cored hole, while allowing for easy removals for inspections, adjustments, repairs, etc. ...Read More

1-Phase Low Voltage Main Lug Load Center

Siemens Canada is proud to offer one of the highest quality, broadest and most flexible loadcentre lines in the industry. From single family to multi-family applications, Siemens can offer a high quality, labor-saving loadcentre for your application. ...Read More

Advance Express NOW IN STOCK

Advance Express is more than just LED Drivers, it is a program to help you win in the replacement LED driver market with just 8 recommended drivers covering the majority of applications for Downlights, Troffers, Industrial and Outdoor while minimizing inventory. There is also training on how to get the needed information from the end user and select the driver, wireless software developed with feedback from distributors and easy label printing. ...Read More

BOA-L LED Bollard Luminaire

The BOA-L is an LED bollard luminaire designed with high efficiency. The housing is made of die cast aluminum with a flush mounting base, polycarbonate lens, round top, and a powdercoat finish over a chromate conversion coating. The drivers allow input from 120-277 V and 347 V and is suitable for ambient temperature range of -40°C to +45°C. ...Read More

Steel LED Running Man Combo

The commercial PRMS-1L, PRMS-2L, PRMS-3L and PRMS12-2L features a slim profile that prevents light leaks. Easy to install design, available in 6 VDC 27 or 36 W with over 4 hours duration and 12 VDC 72 W with over 8 hours duration. LED lamps have a limited lifetime warranty. ...Read More

DUOLED Hardwired Driver and Dimmer Switch

DUOLED offers an innovative compact design, combining a dimmer switch and an LED hardwired driver. It converts line voltage (120 VAC) into low voltage (12 VDC / 24 VDC), while offering outstanding dimming performances. Having both products combined into one also eliminates the compatibility issues that are often seen between LED drivers and dimmer switches. ...Read More

Multipurpose Portable Heater

Despite its small size, this indispensable rapid heating heater is the type of unit most often found on construction sites thanks to its high output. Its durability lies in its sturdy painted steel construction, a proven protective grille and a nichrome electrical heating element which, when switched on, produces immediate heat. ...Read More

Swidget Wi-Fi Control + Temperature/Humidity Insert

The Swidget Temperature & Humidity Insert* measures relative humidity and temperature. Installed in your bathroom the Insert can be set to automatically turn on the bathroom fan when the humidity increases after a shower. Connect to the Swidget App for iOS and Android and control your Device from anywhere! ...Read More

Swidget Wi-Fi Control + Temperature, Humidity, and Motion Insert

The Swidget Temperature, Humidity, and Motion Insert* measures relative temperature, humidity, and motion. Installed in your bathroom you can set it to automatically turn on the fan when the humidity increases after a shower or turn the lights off when the bathroom has become vacant. Connect to the Swidget App for iOS and Android and control your Device from anywhere! ...Read More

Swidget Wi-Fi Control + Motion Insert

The Swidget Motion Sensor Insert* uses infrared radiation to detect whether someone or something has entered the room. Install in any room to automatically turn on the lights when someone enters or turn off the lights when no motion is detected. Connect to the Swidget App for iOS and Android and control your Device from anywhere! ...Read More

New 6/7 Pole Pluggable Connector

Wieland Electric is excited to unveil two new additions to the RST® CLASSIC series of pluggable connectors: RST®20i6 & RST®20i7, 6-pole and 7-pole varieties. New 6 & 7-pole connectors with optional barrier seals prevent the spread of moisture through the cable system. RST® pluggable connectors provide premium locking features, smart coding to protect against accidents, higher voltage, and greater installation flexibility. ...Read More