January 2023 New Electrical Products

Jan 18, 2023
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Sensi+™ – revolutionary analyzer for natural gas quality monitoring

  • Single device for continuous, simultaneous measurements of H2S, H2O, and CO2.
  • ABB’s proven laser-based technology virtually eliminates false readings and provides rapid response for reliable process control
  • Designed for remote and hazardous locations, Sensi+ offers superior performance and low cost of ownership

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Acuity Brands

JSBT Tapered Switchable White Surface Mount Disk Light

SBT SlimBasics™ Tapered LED Disk Light Series comes in 4" and 6" sizes and provides even illumination where you need it most. Designed to provide good lighting quality, while also being budget friendly, the JSBT is the lowest total install cost LED solution for residential spaces. ...Read More



Heavy Duty Hinged Knee Pads

  • Heavy Duty Hinged Knee Pads contain a gel and foam padded pocket to maximize pressure distribution for all day comfort
  • Large knee pad surface provides stability and rounded edges provide agility when moving side to side.

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Decora Humidity and Fan Control

  • Automatically detect excess humidity in a room and activate the ventilation fan to lessen condensation
  • Help to reduce energy usage by automatically operating the fan only when needed
  • Ideal in areas prone to high humidity and dampness like bathrooms, basements, laundry rooms and home spas. 

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Curve Top Safety Disconnect Switches – 30/32 Amp

  • Curve top design pushes water and debris towards the side of the device and leaves less area for buildup
  • Watertight, dust-tight, submersible, and suitable for high pressure, high temperature washdown
  • Offered with and without Inform Technology (24/7 remote access to data to monitor device health)

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Spring Steel Fasteners & Supports

Spring Steel Fasteners and Supports are made of heat-treated, coated steel that is lightweight, flexible, strong and easy to install, with multiple tool-free options. The Southwire™ GEOSEAL™ anti-corrosion coating is a high-performance, water-based, chrome-free, zinc and aluminum flake technology. ...Read More