June 2022 New Electrical Products

Jun 6, 2022
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Acuity Brands

nLight Wired Digital Key Switch

The nPODA Key is a low voltage, single gang, nLight decorator switch that offers additional security by limiting access to only individuals who have the key. The device can be configured to provide control of daisy-chained nLight devices. The switch is ideal for schools, gymnasiums, site-lighting, and high-security applications. ...Read More


Acuity Brands

nLight with DMX Control

nLight networked lighting controls platform has added DMX512 control with the nLight Snapshot Controller. The nLight Snapshot leverages the power of nLight with DMX512 control from Pathway Connectivity Solutions® for a simple and unified solution. The nLight Snapshot Controller is the gateway linking nLight controls and DMX512 products, enabling easy, bi-directional communication between DMX and nLight. ...Read More



MC Cable Fittings

Arlington's low cost MC cable fittings are available in a variety of sizes and are super-convenient and cost-effective. Each fitting has a built-in end stop, but also comes with additional end stop bushings that accommodate different size cable bundles. ONE trade size fits several cable sizes! If required, using an end stop bushing is fast and easy. ...Read More


Hammond Power Solutions

New Power Quality Product – HPS Centurion D1 dV/dT Filter

The new HPS Centurion D1 dV/dT filter is designed for use between variable frequency drives (VFD’s) and motors when long lead lengths are used. It combines an inductor and parallel resistor network to mitigate both high frequency components and voltage spikes between the VFD and motor. These filters provide protection for both the motor and cables that power it ...Read More


Klein Tools

Advanced Circuit Tracer Kit

Klein Tools introduces the new Advanced Circuit Tracer Kit, offering tracing of breakers and wires through various materials. The Klein Tools ET450 Advanced Circuit Tracer Kit is a professional tracer for energized and non-energized breakers, fuses, and wires. When the Transmitter is connected to a circuit, the Receiver’s sensitivity can easily be adjusted to detect the transmitted signal on breakers, fuses, and wire through drywall, cement block, and underground. ...Read More


Klein Tools

New Alligator Clip Test Leads Compatible with Wide Range of Meters

Klein Tools introduced new Heavy-Duty Alligator Clip Test Leads that are perfect for insulation resistance testing and compatible with most banana-type inputs.

Heavy-Duty Alligator Clip Test Leads
• Standard banana-type inputs compatible with most multimeters and clamp meters
• Heavy-duty alligator clips attach to wires and other conductors
• Perfect for insulation resistance testing ...Read More


Standard Products

L1RHT LED High Temperature Specification Grade High Bay

Stanpro’s L1RHT is a high temperature, high lumen output, high impact resistant LED high bay rated up to 70ºC operating temperature. The fixture is ideal for industrial applications where intense heat is present. The L1RHT is IP66 and IP67 rated which allows it to be installed in environments where dust and water are present. ...Read More



Scame Pin & Sleeve Devices

Techspan is offering a wide range of high-quality industrial plugs and sockets complying with IEC 60309-1 and IEC 60309-2 International standards. Their industrial plugs and sockets are reliable, robust, easy to wire and provide outstanding resistance to weathering and to chemicals. All of which assures safe operation, even in the most adverse environmental conditions. ...Read More