September 2021 New Electrical Products

Sep 6, 2021
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More Power, Less Space with New ABB DecaDLynx II Voltage Regulator

ABB is helping to free up valuable board space with its new, high power density 90-amp (A) DecaDLynx II power supply. The DC-DC converter fits into a 327-millimeter (mm)2 footprint and achieves a 178-A/in2 power density – one of the highest available today. ...Read More


T&B Cable Tray Systems Cable Cleats Stainless Steel 316

As the first short circuit current rated accessory to be introduced on a T&B cable tray, the new cable cleats retain and support cables within the cable tray. In the event of a short circuit, they help prevent damage to cables, cable tray and surrounding equipment, reducing the potential for personal injury and production downtime while also providing protection up to 170 KA, depending on the installation and application. ...Read More


ReliaGear® LV SG switchgear

ReliaGear® LV SG is now available to meet the ever-expanding needs of the marketplace with the flexibility to scale for tomorrow, while providing improved safety, more reliability, and helping save time and money. The ReliaGear LV SG low voltage switchgear platform incorporates the best of both worlds: cutting edge Emax 2 air circuit breaker technology integrated into the proven AKD low voltage switchgear platform. ...Read More


Acuity Brands Filtered Far-UVC Module with Ushio Care222 Technology is the First to be UL Certified

Acuity Brands, Inc. announced on August 9 that its Care222® filtered far-UVC module with patent-pending dosing electronics is the first germicidal UV (GUV) source in the wavelength range 200-230 nm (i.e., “far-UVC”) to be UL LLC Certified to meet U.S. and Canadian standards for germicidal equipment for use in occupied spaces. ...Read More


7-in-1 Nut Driver

The 7-in-1 Nut Driver provides 7 tools in a small light weight design with an ergonomic handle to provide a comfortable grip and high torsion.

• Includes: 3/16, 1/4, 11/32, 3/8, 5/16, 7/16, 9/16 In. nut drivers

• Durable chrome plated finish

• Large size color bands for easy identification...Read More


Forged Heavy-duty Wire Stripper

The Forged Heavy-Duty Wire Stripper from IDEAL combines precision stripping holes with a heavy-duty plier nose and recessed holes for lower profile bolt cutting.

• Strips: 8-16 AWG solid Wire and 10-18 AWG stranded Wire

• Screw cutting holes: 6-32/8-32

• Wide nose to twist multiple wires simultaneously

• Unique plier head design to ream conduit...Read More


Electronic Countdown Timer with Preset Times

This timer requires no programming; preset countdown times are activated by pressing a single button. Silent operation makes this timer ideal for applications where the noise of mechanical countdown timers is of concern. *NOTE: Not for use with sunlamps, saunas, or loads that could cause personal injury if timed incorrectly. ...Read More


JSBT Tapered LED Surface Mount Disk Light

JSBT SlimBasics™ Tapered LED Disk Light Series comes in 4" and 6" sizes and provides even illumination where you need it most. Designed to provide good lighting quality, while also being budget friendly, the JSBT is the lowest total install cost LED solution for residential spaces. The matte white aluminum housing is aesthetically pleasing bringing a design element that blends with any décor. ...Read More


New Kit for Affordable Temperature and Outlet Testing

•Infrared Thermometer (Cat. No. IR1) has an optical resolution (distance-to-spot) of 10:1
• GFCI Outlet Tester (Cat. No. RT210) detects common wiring problems in standard and GFCI receptacles
• Both products have a drop protection to 6.6-Foot (2 m)
• Infrared Thermometer has a wide measurement range from -4 to to 752-Degree Fahrenheit (-20 to 400-Degree Celsius) ...Read More


Leviton Expands HDX Fiber Platform with New High-Density Enclosures and Panels

Leviton announced the release of several new Opt-X® HDX Rack-Mount Enclosures and Panels, adding more options to its popular HDX cassette-based fiber platform for varying customer architectures. The new enclosures and panels increase fiber port counts by up to 33 percent over standard density enclosures with LC cassettes, providing additional interconnect or cross-connect patching for high density data center networks with manageable density and enhanced labeling. ...Read More


Contractor Select FMLWL LED Linkable and Switchable Wrap

An all-in-1, low-profile, linear and narrow wraparound with 18 possible color/lumen configurations standard. Comes with decorative endcaps with integrated linkabillty and a frosted diffuser providing widespread, uniform illumination. Ideal for many applications including corridors, kitchens, breakrooms, utility work areas and stairways. Connect up to 6 fixtures end to end from a single power drop. ...Read More


HelioProtection® HP15MxxR 1500VDC Solar Fuses Gen2

Mersen’s GEN2 of the HP15M photovoltaic (PV) fuse series is designed specifically to meet the severe temperature and current cycling of a PV system. Subjected to stringent cycle testing, the GEN2 provides enhanced reliability. These 1500VDC rated fuses are designed for low minimum breaking capacity capabilities of 1.35 times the fuse rated current value, which allows for safe circuit interruption under typical low fault current conditions. ...Read More


LED Recessed Troffer Retrofit Kit - Type H with 365DisInFx UVA technology

The LRK-TRH-DFX is a low-profile LED retrofit kit that combines a single shallow semi-round lens and 365DisInFxTM UVA technology to help in the inactivation of surface bacteria where people are present and conventional lighting is needed. This retrofit kit is ideal for renovating fluorescent troffers and parabolic luminaires and provides modern styling and increased visual comfort. ...Read More


LED - Architectural Recessed Troffer

Visioneering’s new Bevel showcases a contemporary design that provides subtle architectural flair to any ceiling. This recessed troffer features two angled lenses and a flat center rail which add depth and visual comfort while providing excellent controls and integrated lighting technology options. The Bevel’s sleek and modern design will enhance the interior appeal of office areas, retail stores, classrooms, hospitals, nursing homes, hospitality areas, and much more. ...Read More