April 2021 New Plumbing Products

Apr 1, 2021
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Tronic 3000 - Electric Instantaneous Water Heater Series

Bosch Thermotechnology announced the new Bosch Tronic 3000, a series of electric instantaneous water heaters for light commercial application. The new series includes four new models and is designed for easy installation directly at the point of use. It is flow activated, and depending on the unit, can be triggered with as little as 0.3 GPM to 0.7 GPM. ...Read More

Award-Winning 520 Series AngleMix Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Caleffi earned the 2021 AHR Expo Innovation in the plumbing category with their 520 Series AngleMix thermostatic mixing valve. The domestic hot water tank outlet is piped in-line with the valve’s mixed water outlet, requiring fewer fittings and less space. Union tailpieces are available including press, sweat, NPT, PEX F1960 or F1807 and a different type for each connection can be selected if desired. ...Read More

Champagne Bronze™: The New Gold Standard

Gold is making a major comeback in home design. To give your clients more options for embracing this trend, Delta has added the popular Champagne Bronze™ finish to the Trinsic®, Ara®, and Zura® bath collections. These updated collections will give you the freedom to create a cohesive bathroom that matches a wide variety of styles. ...Read More

Emmeline Single Handle Pull Down Bar/Prep Faucet

The defined ridges of the Emmeline Kitchen Collection's diamond-shaped spout cut a streamlined profile, balanced by captivating details that lend an elemental sense of old-world flair. Kitchen sink faucets with Touch-Clean Spray Holes allow you to easily wipe away calcium and lime build-up with the touch of a finger. ...Read More

Quartz Luxe® Sinks

The difference is in the details with Elkay Quartz Luxe® sinks. Constructed through a proprietary manufacturing process that combines natural quartz with high-performance, UV-stable acrylic resins, these sinks are as strong as they are stylish. This new fresh mint green has delectable creamy undertones that help bring serenity to the home. ...Read More

System XFR® Water Line Guide

Time and money are no longer wasted when trying to secure and fasten water lines. By means of solvent weld, the System XFR® Water Line Guide secures directly to the waste fitting while the two even and symmetrical 1/2" CTS openings hold the water lines in place. No need for bracing of any kind. ...Read More

Model 406 Compact Drain Pump

The new Model 406 drain pump by Liberty Pumps is the smallest unit now offered in its drain pump offering.  The unit, designed to pump gray wastewater from sinks or showers, is compact enough to allow it to fit easily inside a cabinet or vanity. Other features include a contemporary appliance-style design, multiple inlet locations and extremely quiet operation. ...Read More

Battery Back-Up Emergency Sump Pump System

Liberty Pumps introduces the newest model in its battery backup line.  The Model 441-10A emergency sump pump system is a mid-range product, falling between the base level 441 system and the higher-end 442 systems. It combines many of the features of both with a professional level 10-amp charger, at an attractive price point!  ...Read More

LCU-PR Series Plenum Rated Condensate Pumps

Liberty Pumps announces the newest model of condensate pumps to its extensive line-up! The new LCU-PR Series plenum rated condensate pumps are approved for installation directly in plenums.  Designed for removal of condensate from air conditioning, refrigeration, and dehumidification equipment installed in air-handling and plenum applications having limited space.  ...Read More

PC441-10A Sump Pump Combo System

The PC441-10A sump pump combo system is a complete pre-assembled primary pump and 441-10A backup pump which is available in several primary pump models.  The Model 441-10A emergency sump pump system is a mid-range product, falling between the base level 441 system and the higher-end 442 systems. ...Read More

M18™ 200’ Pipeline Inspection System

Milwaukee's M18™ 200’ Pipeline Inspection System delivers the clearest image, easiest inspections for 3"-10” sewer lines up to 200’. Featuring the industry’s shortest 34 mm 1080p HD self-leveling camera head, and the ability to digitally zoom up to 4X and pan, technicians can now see more in drain lines than ever before. ...Read More

M18™ 120’ Pipeline Inspection System

Milwaukee's M18™ 120’ Pipeline Inspection System delivers the clearest image, easiest inspections for 2"-6” sewer lines up to 120’. Featuring the industry’s shortest 25 mm 1080p self-leveling HD camera head, and the ability to digitally zoom up to 4X and pan, technicians can now see more in drain lines than ever before. ...Read More

M18™ 500GB Control Hub (Tool Only)

Milwaukee's M18™ 500GB Control Hub provides the most versatile pipeline inspection experience. The control hub is compatible with all MILWAUKEE® Modular Pipeline Inspection reels; it easily swaps between reel sizes, and wirelessly connects to the M18™ Wireless Monitor or a mobile device for viewing. ...Read More

M12™ Pipeline Locator Kit

Milwaukee's M12™ Pipeline Locator provides the most intuitive plumbing locating experience, simplifying the process of pinpointing sewer camera sondes and tracing underground sewer lines. A directional arrow appears on screen upon startup, immediately pointing in the direction of the sonde and eliminating the need to guess and check which direction to start. ...Read More

1 Inch Supervent Air Elinator with a 1 Inch Propress Connections

Resideo Press PV SuperVent® Air Eliminators automatically separate and remove air and microbubbles from hydronic heating systems, eliminating noise and improving system efficiency. Featuring press connectors—the best and most secure connection on the market—this higher-quality, more flexible replacement is easier to install and maintain. ...Read More

Hydraulic Separator Union 1-1/4 Inch

Take boiler installation to the next level with our magnetic hydraulic separators – a new addition to Resideo’s comprehensive portfolio of hydronic products. Designed to simplify boiler piping for critical flow management between connected hydraulic circuits, these separators help keep the boiler and heat emitters clean as the dirt and magnetite are gathered in the separator, improving heat transfer with air removal. ...Read More

SeekTech® ST-305R Transmitter

The RIDGID SeekTech ST-305R is a compact yet powerful multi-frequency transmitter. It can be used with any RIDGID SeekTech or NaviTrack® receiver to find buried conductors such as pipes, cables, and wires. With its battery shoe, the ST-305R can be powered by a Li-Ion 18 V rechargeable battery or six alkaline or NiMH C-cell batteries. ...Read More

Saniswift Pro

After 30 years of innovation in manufacturing low inlet drain pumps—Saniflo® Canada recently introduced a heavy-duty companion to its popular Saniswift residential drain pump. Designed to meet larger commercial as well as conventional residential drainage applications, the new Saniswift Pro with it's new robust look can handle gray water from up to three fixtures: sink, shower, dishwasher or washing machine (via a laundry sink). ...Read More

AQUIA® IV ARC - Washlet®+ C5 Two-Piece Toilet

The Washlet + system neatly conceals the Washlet power cord and water supply hose for a clean installation.

• High-tech Electronic Bidet Seat and Toilet Combination
• System includes toilet and Washlet
• Concealed supply connection for seamless installation
• Dynamax Tornado Flush® system, ultra high-efficiency
• Non-clog 2.5" trapway with clear glaze coating...Read More