December 2021 New Plumbing Products

Dec 9, 2021
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Thermal Energy Meters

Belimo’s new Thermal Energy Meters are designed according to EN1434 and equipped for remote IoT-based billing. The energy meters have a patented glycol compensation algorithm that automatically selects the correct glycol concentration to provide proper flow and energy measurement, eliminating manual input and inaccuracy. The thermal energy meters, 22PE series, incorporate an ultrasonic transit time technology with no moving parts eliminating wear over time. ...Read More


SinkMixer™ Scald Protection Point-of-Use Thermostatic Mixing Valve (4-way)

Thermostatic mixing valve for under sink and under counter applications where the user must be protected from the danger of scalding caused by hot water.

Temp adjustment range: 95º - 120ºF
Cold inlet temp:
Min: 39°F
Max: 85°F
Hot inlet temp:
Min: 120°F
Max: 195°F ...Read More


Rechargeable Self-Leveling Green Planar Laser Level

Klein Tools' new Rechargeable Self-Leveling Green Planar Laser Level is the ideal level for trade professionals in any field. The Rechargeable Self-Leveling Green Planar Laser Level solves this problem, projecting clear, bright 360-degree lines in the X-,Y- & Z- planes, thus eliminating the need to continuously rotate a laser level. ...Read More


2-in-1 Coated Impact Socket, 12-Point, 3/4 and 9/16-Inch

• Coated Impact Socket is 20-Percent lighter than traditional impact sockets*
• Blue coating is easy to spot in a crowded tool bag
• Durable plastic coating protects against damage due to scratching and abrasion
• Featuring two of the most commonly used socket sizes (3/4-Inch and 9/16-Inch) in one tool ...Read More


Connect Pro Sliding Shower Door

Shower door installation has never been easier thanks to the new Connect Pro Sliding Shower Door by MAAX. This innovative shower door is reshaping the industry with leading features such as the ClickConnect corner joint that allows you to connect, expand the frame and lock it in place in three easy steps. And even with this streamlined installation process, the Connect Pro Sliding Shower Door still boasts a solid frame with a slim, elegant look. ...Read More


6” Leveling Tripod Chain Vise

Milwaukee's 6” Leveling Tripod Chain Vise delivers unmatched portability and lifelong steadiness for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing tradesmen working with pipe, conduit, and other materials. Its flat-folding design and balanced carry handle enable briefcase-style transportation and compact storage in job boxes and service vans. Milwaukee's simple two-step deployment eliminates setup hassles delivering the quickest, painless setup. ...Read More


MX Fuel™ Sewer Drum Machine W/ Powertredz™ For 5/8" - 3/4"

Milwaukee's MX FUEL™ Sewer Drum Machine with POWERTREDZ™ simplifies sewer calls by providing POWERTREDZ™ Lift Assist technology and the power to clear roots at 200 ft out while containing the mess with a fully closed drum. POWERTREDZ™ Lift Assist technology allows you to perform one-person transportation of the machine up and down stairs as well as in and out of a service van. ...Read More


PTC-400 Power Tubing Cutter

The PTC-400 Power Tubing Cutter is an efficient, portable, durable and reliable professional tubing cutting machine. Quickly cut stainless steel, carbon steel, copper aluminum, and plastic. The portable design enables it to be easily carried to, from and around the jobsite. PTC-400 Power Tubing Cutter is an ideal choice for onsite projects of commercial, residential and industrial work environments. ...Read More


Hydro·X Power Technology in Sensor Faucet Line

Zurn's touchless sensor faucets feature hydropower to deliver sustainability at the sink. The technology is efficient two ways. First, Hydro•X Power generates power from the source itself - the water already flowing through the faucet. Then, it harvests energy with just a few activations. Combined, each fixture delivers up to ten years of uninterrupted battery life. ...Read More