February 2023 New Plumbing Products

Feb 6, 2023
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Etre Kitchen Collection

The Etre kitchen collection comprised of a pull-down kitchen faucet, pull-down bar faucet, single and double bowl apron-front sinks in various sizes, and a soap dispenser.  ...Read More


Universal Base Extension

The new modularly designed base extensions can be used easily with all the well tank products, composite or steel, in all diameters. These unique base extensions are light, easily stackable for storage and transport, can be connected to adapt to any tank size, and provide an attractive alternative to cinderblocks...Read More


Glow in the Dark Fish Tape, 40-Foot

Klein Tool's 40-Foot glow-in-the-dark fish tape provides a bright glow for use in any low light. The unique clear case permits ambient light to easily charge the glow tape and tip. The fiberglass tape is fully removable from case for one-way wall cavity, drop ceiling, and conduit pass through feeding. ...Read More


Safety Nets

Protection from accidental or unauthorized entry in wastewater and sewage basins.

  • 316 Stainless steel eye bolts. 200 lbs. load rating
  • 3/8" hollow braid rope
  • Quick Links
  • Available in diameters of 24" to 48"

...Read More


Socket Adapters

These adapters feature FOUR FLAT™ Sides, making them anti-roll and wrench-ready. With secure retention on both the male and female ends, these adapters make it seamless to increase or decrease the drive size. ...Read More


4 in 1 Precision Multi-Bit Driver

This multi-bit driver features a 360◦ Rotating Back Cap which offers greater control for speed and precision on the jobsite. It also has a Comfortable, Non-Slip Grip for maximum control. ...Read More


12ft Telescoping Laser Pole

12' Telescoping Laser Pole is designed to provide a faster set-up and a more stable laser line. The telescopic laser pole features threaded and telescoping sections for easy set-up and a secure fitment in interior environments. ...Read More


1in Insulated Cable Staples

1” Insulated Cable Staples are used for fastening electrical cables to wood surfaces during the electrical rough-in process. Only compatible with the M12 Cable Stapler ...Read More


TFTN Series

The new TFTN Series promises the same workhorse reliability of the TFT to deliver quality performance for residential and light commercial hydronic applications across Canada and the United States....Read More



The Deckard collection embodies soft-modern design by incorporating curves into the familiar sleek, hard-edge motif of modern aesthetics. The clean, horizontal lines in this design create a precise aesthetic as the contrasting subtle curves offer balance. ...Read More


Braukmann L5 Wi-Fi Water Leak Shutoff Valve

When the included sensor cable or a paired Resideo WiFi Water Leak and Freeze Detector detects a water leak , this device automatically shuts off the water flow, protecting your home from potential damage....Read More


Under Sink Guardian Mixing Valve

Watts has introduced the LFUSG-HWP, a new Under Sink Guardian point-of-use mixing valve with hot water purge. This valve features a hot water purge lever that allows facilities to perform a sanitization at the faucet with the flip of a switch. Benefits include: ...Read More