June 2022 New Plumbing Products

Jun 6, 2022
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Satin Gold Elevated Luxury Finishes

Unlike deeper-toned brass and bronze faucets, Satin Gold receives a warm welcome for its modern, soft hue. Delicate details, and the subtle brushed finish, radiate luxury while easily mixing and matching with existing metals in the kitchen. Bring a sense of indulgence to your BLANCO UNIT with a Satin Gold faucet. ...Read More



Matte Black Embrace Bold Faucet Finishes

Black accents are here to stay. Whether you need a pop of contrast or a dramatic accent, Matte Black is a versatile finish that works with a variety of colors and design styles. Disguise the rigors of everyday use by adding a Matte Black faucet as the finishing statement to your BLANCO UNIT. Bold, confident and sophisticated, just like you. ...Read More



Discontinuation of Torre Classic Steel Soap Dispenser

Effective immediately, BLANCO has discontinued the #400537 Torre Classic Steel Soap Dispenser due to color issues with the finish and instead offer a replacement that is a closer match to our portfolio of Classic Steel faucets. BLANCO model #402672 Torre in PVD Steel is the recommended replacement. ...Read More


CB Supplies

Diamondback Line of CSST Tubing and Fittings

Diamondback is an established line of high-quality flexible CSST (Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing) and fittings and is a fantastic addition to the broad range of products at CB Supplies effective April 22, 2022. The Diamondback brand has enjoyed a strong reputation for the last 15 years in Canada and the United States with Tecvalco Ltd and now CB Supplies is excited to be able to grow this business ...Read More



New Smartwell with Built-in Chiller

Save floor space with our convenient countertop unit that serves up to 100 employees/users depending on usage. This a great option for smaller businesses or as a secondary beverage dispenser for larger business. Choose a separate, remote chiller for high-traffic spaces or an integrated chiller built into the dispenser for a more contained countertop solution. ...Read More



Allegro N HighArc Kitchen Faucet, 2-Spray Pull-Down, 1.75 GPM

The Allegro N kitchen faucet blends harmoniously into any kitchen. Features of this faucet include:
• The sleek, ergonomic handle design offers great ease of use and can also be operated safely with soapy hands.
• The tested connection hoses are flexible and temperature-resistant.
• QuickClean technology cleans the kitchen faucet quickly...Read More



M12™ Mounting Fan

MIlwaukee's M12™ Mounting Fan delivers 18V air speed anywhere on the jobsite, providing air performance up to 14 MPH and 400 CFM. The fan's 6 in. blade propels air at a fast rate, allowing for quick and efficient cooling, drying, or ventilation. This mountable fan is compact with integrated features for users to easily mount it in various locations around the jobsite. ...Read More



M18 FUEL™ QUIK-LOK™ Brush Cutter Attachment

Milwaukee's M18 FUEL™ QUIK-LOK™ Brush Cutter Attachment is powered by the M18 FUEL™ Power Head w/ QUIK-LOK™ and is compatible with our M18 FUEL™ QUIK-LOK™ Attachment System. The Brush Cutter Attachment utilizes a 9" blade with a 4-tooth design, meant to take on more demanding applications. ...Read More