October 2022 New Plumbing Products

Oct 1, 2022
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Removal of Upper Cone in Water Softeners

Removing the upper cone from our assembled softeners will allow the softener to flush the small amounts of damaged resin from the system during each backwash.
Over time, the resin bed may slowly lose volume requiring eventual re-bedding. The best way for customers on water disinfected with chlorine or chloramines to protect their water softener is to add some form of carbon pre-treatment ahead of the water softener. ...Read More


Gemini Series now offered in Brushed Gold

Gemini dual bypass sliding shower doors become the focal point of the bathroom with striking hardware on a sleek track. Now offered in a new brushed gold finish they add a touch of luxury to any bathroom design and décor. This rich finish will allow homeowners, interior designers and architects to accent bathroom projects with a fresh contemporary look. ...Read More


Pit+Plus JR Grinder Pump System

The Pit+Plus® JR Sewage Pump System is specifically designed for areas with rocky terrain or where problematic soil makes digging difficult. The larger capacity of the Pit+Plus® Jr. extends the pump life by reducing pumping cycles. This system is designed to handle liquid and solid waste materials up to 2"....Read More


4” Hydraulic Submersible Clean Water Systems Pump Line

Transition of the Little Giant 4” diameter submersible clean water systems pump line to a new and enhanced hydraulic design. The new pumps have been re-engineered using the latest techniques in material and hydraulic sciences and have been designed to exceed all industry standards for quality manufacturing processes....Read More


Vaughn Valve-Only Trim Kit, Diverter on Valve

Consolidates custom shower design by eliminating the need for an additional diverter valve & handle trim
• To be used with the innovative Treysta Pressure Balance Rough-in Valve models with diverter on the valve, sold separately
• Comes with Gerber’s Treysta Ceramic Disc Pressure Balance Cartridge
• Integral Check Valves in Cartridge Body...Read More


Polycarbonate Face Shields

Milwaukee’s BOLT™ Full Face Shields are designed for long-lasting visibility, featuring an ANSI Z87.1+ rating, a fog-free interior coating, and an anti-scratch exterior hard coating for an extended lifetime. For ease of installation, the shields quickly secure into the BOLT™ front slots on Milwaukee head protection. ...Read More


Metal Mesh Face Shield

Constructed with a highly durable stainless steel, the BOLT™ Mesh Full Face Shield protects users from debris in chipping and cutting applications and provides maximum durability. These ANSI Z87.1 rated face shields feature an optimal shield width and mesh pattern design that offers a consistent wide and clear field of view....Read More


Bolt Eye Visors

The new BOLT™ Eye Visors are designed to provide users with the best fit and easy headlamp use. The visors are classified as spectacles and can be used in place of safety glasses with a Z87.1+ rating. Designed with a wide range of face shapes in mind, the visors feature dual pivoting adjustment points for a precise and comfortable fit. ...Read More


M18 FUEL™ 1-1/4" SDS Plus D-Handle Rotary Hammer w/ ONE-KEY™

M18 Fuel™ 1-1/4” SDS Plus D-Handle Rotary Hammer w/ ONE-KEY™ delivers on the drill speeds normally associated with SDS Max rotary hammers. The hammer drills Faster ¾” Holes and is Lighter Versus 1-9/16" SDS Max rotary hammers, includes Autostop™ Control for Enhanced Safety, and can drill up to (25) ¾” x 4” Holes per Charge....Read More


FlexShaft® Tools & Accessories

Ridgid offers a wide variety of FlexShaft® accessories in different sizes for the most cleaning efficiency on the jobsite. Depending on pipe size, pipe material and blockage, there are different chain Knockers and Brushes for every job. Knowing when to choose Brushes or standard, carbide tipped or penetrating head chain Knockers can help you get the best performance out of your machine....Read More


1.1 gpf Water-efficient Flush Volume to CX Line

Sloan's CX Concealed Flushometer, which features the smallest front-access wall panel in the industry, is now available in 1.1 gpf for both manual and sensor water closet flushometers. Available in five different finishes to suit any restroom design, the offering is a win for aesthetics, maintenance, and water efficiency....Read More


Innovator Shower Drain

Heavy-duty grid--20% thicker than competitive grids.
• Grey PVC top piece to reduce the appearance of dirt and mildew.
• White PVC OR Black ABS bottom piece with squared-off ribs to ease tightening and installation....Read More


Tekmar Smart Boiler Control 294

Smart Boiler Control 294 gives you an easy-to-use single solution for boiler monitoring across all your properties. You can control up to 16 boilers regardless of brand as part of a new system or a retrofit. Enjoy remotely adjusting boiler settings from anywhere and viewing real-time boiler operations with mirrored controls....Read More


Aqua-Gard® Thermostatic Mixing Valve

The new Zurn Wilkins ZW3870XLTF offers building maintenance personnel the ability to conduct a thermal flush of hot water system piping by utilizing the hot flush by-pass function of the ZW3870XLTF....Read More


Tribune Collection

Single Handle Bathroom Faucet with 50/50 Pop Up Drain, Deck Plate Included, 1.2GPM...Read More