September 2021 New Plumbing Products

Sep 6, 2021
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VorMax™ Toilet Flushing Technology

Getting the toilet completely clean is one of the nastiest jobs, especially those dirty, hard-to-reach spots under the rim. In reality, conventional toilet design is a big part of the problem. Introducing American Standard’s VorMax™ Flush Technology – The Cleanest Flush Ever Engineered. VorMax is the solution to maintaining a cleaner toilet bowl by simply flushing the toilet. ...Read More


Saybrook Filtered Kitchen Faucet

Enjoy the confidence of knowing your tap water is clean and safe to drink with the Saybrook Filtered Kitchen Faucet from American Standard. As a leader in providing solutions for better living and increased well-being, this American Standard kitchen faucet reduces 99.7% of lead, 96.9% of chlorine, and 92.6% of class I particulates* from your tap water at the push of a button. ...Read More


DIRTMAG® PRO Dirt Separator with Dual Magnetic Fields

The DIRTMAG® PRO incorporates patented technology and features dual magnetic fields that increase ferrous debris removal efficiency by 40%. The concentric pattern collision media inside the low-velocity zone efficiently separates non-ferrous debris. All debris is quickly purged from system via the blow down valve. No disassembly or scraping of magnetite from wetted magnets is required, which means clean hands and fast easy servicing. ...Read More


New E-Tronic 80 Soap Dispenser Complements Touch-free Bathroom Design

Designed to complement the company’s E-Tronic® 80 Series touchless faucets, Chicago Faucets has added a new touch-free soap dispenser to the E-Tronic® family. The E-Tronic® 80 contemporary soap dispenser matches the form of the popular E-Tronic® 80 faucet and features durable, all-metal construction for public and commercial restrooms. ...Read More


LED Pendant Raincan Shower Heads

Inspired by the consumer desire for a more tranquil shower experience, the Delta Pendant Raincan Shower Head with H2Okinetic Technology and LED lighting creates a soothing ambience and radiates upscale appeal in the bathroom. Available in a contemporary style, as well as a new traditional style, the pendant shower head establishes a distinctive presence with modern technology to evoke a spa-like experience. ...Read More


165' Laser Line Detector

Milwaukee's 165' Laser Line Detector extends laser functionality up-to 165 feet indoors and outdoors for the fastest point-to-point alignment. The LEDs on front and back provide you with high visibility feedback improving the set-up process. Rare earth magnets located on two sides of the detector allow it to easily attach to metal surfaces, ideal for ceiling grid installation. ...Read More


Rechargeable 250L Penlight w/ Laser

Milwaukee's Rechargeable 250L Penlight w/ Laser offers you faster, more accurate inspections. This rechargeable penlight delivers 250 lumens of TRUEVIEW HIGH DEFINITION OUTPUT, and an integrated laser pointer ensures faster inspections and accurate communication on the jobsite. A built-in protective rubber bite zone allows you to quickly direct light while performing two-handed tasks. ...Read More


Rechargeable 500L Everyday Carry Flashlight w/ Magnet

Milwaukee's Rechargeable 500L Everyday Carry Flashlight w/ Magnet allows you to work hands-free and delivers 500 lumens of TRUEVIEW™ High Definition Output while maintaining a compact size designed to fit in your pocket and carry at all times. You'll work faster with the ability to quickly switch from handheld to hands-free with the magnetic base and reversible clip for easy attachment to the brim of your hat. ...Read More


M12™ Compact Spot Blower

Milwaukee's M12™ Compact Spot Blower delivers more control and faster cleanup. It features high and low-speed settings, a lock-on button, and a variable speed trigger for increased control during jobsite cleanup. The M12™ Compact Spot Blower’s compact size allows for greater access, maneuverability in tight spaces, and easy storage. ...Read More


RectorSeal Offers Protection Against White Slime and Clogged HVAC Condensate Drains

RectorSeal, a leading manufacturer of quality HVAC/R and plumbing tools and accessories, is now a master distributor of Drain Guard™ HVAC condensate drain guard products. A simple one-time installation of a Drain Guard T-Body assembly and cartridge provides a slow-releasing formula that provides drain protection for up to six months. ...Read More


00e VR Series ECM High-Efficiency Circulators

The Taco 00e® VR series are ECM high-efficiency, wet-rotor, self-sensing commercial circulators ideal for HVAC and potable water applications. The wide range of models with Low, Medium, or High head options provide differential head pressures up to 65 ft. and flow ranges up to 320 GPM. ...Read More


Freedom Flange

Taco Freedom Flange® fits all “00” Circulators and free you from scraped knuckles and jury rigged tools. Easy-On/Easy-Off and sweat designs, and two-piece bronze shut-off valves let you make quick work of pump installation and maintenance. Taco Lead-Free Shut-Off Freedom Flange combines a full-port shut-off ball valve and companion flange to isolate system circulators for easy removal and service, without draining the system. ...Read More


Fast Trak

Fast Trak™ is the ideal overpour installation method for remodel and retrofit applications. The preformed knobbed mats make it easy to install Uponor PEX tubing for radiant floor heating applications. Fast Trak 0.5 is only 1⁄2" thick, eliminating the need to alter baseboards, moldings or doors. The product is made for 5/16" PEX tubing and features an adhesive backing for easy installation to a slab or subfloor. ...Read More


ArmorTek Advanced Coating System

Watts has announced the addition of the ArmorTek advanced coating system to its ductile iron backflow preventer valves. ArmorTek advanced coating system is a proven, patent pending three-pronged approach to corrosion protection made of an anti-corrosion primer, a microbial inhibitor to limit microbial-induced corrosion (MIC), and a protective epoxy-polyester topcoat. ...Read More