Fort McMurray Branch Grand Opening

Oct 18, 2019
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Bartle & Gibson customers attended a Grand Opening Customer Appreciation event on October 17 to celebrate the opening of the new location at 8220 Manning Ave, Fort McMurray. After 40+ years the branch moved a block over, and did extensive renovations and complete redesign, to the old Greyhound building to best serve our customers where we have room to grow our product offering as we take a larger chunk of market share.

At the Grand Opening customers enjoyed multiple servings of beef brisket on a bun with salads and deserts by a local catering company, as well as networked with 13 of Bartle & Gibson’s supplier partners, whose tables boasted of valuable information and product demonstrations.

Fort McMurray's Mayor, Don Scott, was also present to congratulate Bartle & Gibson on the opening of the new location, as he and Fort McMurray's current city council are trying to revitalize the downtown core, and he hopes more business will follow our lead.

Thank you for those that attended the event to celebrate the opening of the new location and show your support of Bartle & Gibson.