A Fine Vintage

Feb 12, 2016
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Any sommelier will tell you that while overall taste is important, there’s also much to be said for complexity of flavour—the undertones that bring a wine its own character.  The beautiful Bordeaux Wall Mount, a vanity in Native Trail’s Vintner’s Collection, is robust with such complex elements that each contribute to its overall appeal.

At first sip, the overall impression of this piece is reminiscent of a lush washroom, laden with aged copper and warm thematic elements.  But there’s far more to this vanity than just a place to put a sink: its potential ventures all the way to the cellar, where it takes the stage as a key element to a home wet bar.  Impress guests with this stunning and authentic centerpiece from which the entire room can draw inspiration—invoking images of row upon row of aging casks hidden away under the foundations of a Provençal estate.

The flavour profile continues to unfold upon examination of the details.  The raw materials, for example, are reclaimed from aged oak barrels, prepared with multiple custom-blended waxes, and hand-rubbed to a soft shine.  A colour selection of oak or anvil suits the palate of a variety of spaces, and functionality is maintained without compromising style, as all plumbing is hidden away yet fully accessible from underneath.

Finally, this piece boasts a rich, full-body finish: its design has earned it several prestigious awards, including “Innovative Furniture Product of the Year” from DPHA, "Innovative Eco-Design" from USGBC C4, and the prestigious Green GOOD Design award in 2013.