Towels - Do Away with the Cold

Mar 14, 2016
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Having a shower is just as much about taking care of your mental health as it is about taking care of your body.  The whole experience of lathering up, having hot water pouring down your back, and massaging shampoo into your scalp is not only an experience of cleaning, but also of soothing.  But then it strikes–TPSS: Traumatic Post-Shower Syndrome.  Dull silence replaces the calming shower sounds, and the shock of a cold towel rapidly saps you of the warmth you had just been enjoying.  We’ve all been there.  Instead of dispelling that comfort with the chilly embrace of an unwelcoming towel, extend the relaxation beyond the walls of the shower with ICO’s Tuzio line of towel warmers.

A solution is available for every home, with models as narrow as 10.5” up to a massive length of 66.5”, as well as shelf-design warmers to maximize space and comfort in even the smallest of bathrooms.  Further flexibility is offered by installation options including hardwiring, traditional outlet-compatible wiring, and even hydronic setup.

The broad selection of designs spans from classic to contemporary, including both wall- and floor-mounted varieties.  Beyond the wide range of styles, warmers are offered in finishes of white, chrome, brushed nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze; one model even boasts earthy teak accents against a brushed nickel frame.  Just in case that’s not enough, custom colours are also available to meet any design palate. 

TPSS is 100% preventable, and thanks to Tuzio’s ingenuity, the treatment is simple, stylish, and practical for all households.