Favourite Flavour – Villi Freestanding Tub by MAAX

Aug 28, 2018
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MAAX Villi Freestanding Tub

MAAX Villi Freestanding Tub

Vanilla ice cream gets a bad rap.  It’s never seen as being new, exciting, or many people’s favourite.  But when it comes to apple pie, rhubarb crisp, or a root beer float, a scoop or two of smooth, simple vanilla is the only real option.

The Villi tub from MAAX is a lot like vanilla ice cream.  On its own it looks nice, but might not have a the “wow factor” of a dramatic modern tub with black sides or an elaborate retro claw-foot model.  There’s no doubt that this fixture is wonderfully designed – the comfortable contours and smooth profile are noteworthy on their own.

But the real beauty of this piece is in its versatility and compatibility.  With antiqued bronze hardware and exposed pipes it can be a quietly vintage centerpiece.  If you’re of a more modern persuasion, it can be dressed up with chrome or brushed nickel, where it can find its place as a foundation for crisp edges, bold lines, and clean design. Regardless of your stylistic preferences, the proprietary F2 installation system helps take the guess work and trial-and-error out of the installation process.

And let’s be honest – universal style with easy installation is everyone’s favourite flavour.