Exactly – Beale MeasureFill Touch Kitchen Faucet by American Standard

Aug 7, 2018
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American Standard MeasureFill Faucet

American Standard MeasureFill Faucet

There is perhaps nothing quite so satisfying as precision – when something can be done perfectly the first time, with no need for revision, review, or reconsideration.  Watching someone who is amazingly honed at their craft is mesmerizing, regardless of the task they’re completing.  Producing consistently perfect results is nothing short of remarkable.

Measuring water, however, seems to be a skill that nobody has mastered.  No one can get exactly a cup and a half of water on the first try when they’re making a loaf of bread, or fill the kettle to precisely 20 fluid ounces to fill their favourite travel mug.  If you’re anything like me, the routine usually goes something like this: accidentally underfill, wait for six or eight seconds as the water surface settles down a bit, see your error, get a little more into the measuring cup, wait another six to eight seconds before you notice it’s overfull, pour a little out, get impatient, and go with whatever the result is (which I’m convinced is usually the same amount you got on the first try). 

See the MeasureFill in action here.

But your faucet can give you the perfection you desire.  The new MeasureFill Touch faucet from the Beale line of American Standard products allows you to set your desired water volume with a simple dial and a touch of a button.  That’s it.  No waiting for the surface to settle, no re-pouring, topping up, or saying “good enough!” to an imprecise measure.  This stunning development earned it the prestigious Red Dot award for innovative design.  If precision matters to you, this is exactly the faucet you’re looking for.