100+ Years in the Making — Origine by Vanico Maronyx

Jul 24, 2018
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There's a certain beauty held by wild landscape—unnamed lakes, babbling streams over beds of worn stone, and the fresh breath of air from an old forest are deeply enchanting. This is precisely the inspiration behind the Origine series from Vanico Maronyx.

With its pleasing asymmetry, the Taïga tub was designed with the meandering lakes of northern Quebec in mind. The carved slate Eskr sink is breathtaking in its boldly shallow profile; a specially designed faucet cartridge eliminates splashing while water trickles its way through a smooth course towards the drain.

This sink sits atop a custom matched vanity that took over a century to complete: each piece of reclaimed hemlock was handled (and who knows—perhaps even waltzed upon!) by the quintessential log-riders of Canadiana fame. These logs were submerged for over a hundred years before making their way to their current state. The submersion process has resulted in mineral deposition into the woodgrain itself, resulting in subtle pink and grey elements not otherwise found in woods from other sources.

This is not simply a set of bathroom fixtures: Origine is a piece of Canadian geography and history manifested as functional household artwork.

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