A Beautiful Accent – AXOR Citterio by Hansgrohe

Jul 10, 2018
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There's something magical about accents, as anyone who has an Irish acquaintance can attest.  Even though someone is speaking the same language as you, there's a richness and certain intriguing quality that's equally mysterious and charming.  An accent can change mundane language into beautiful oration, akin to watching a perfectly executed artistic stroke or a remarkable feat of athleticism.

Renowned south German manufacturer Hansgrohe has teamed up with legendary Italian architect Antonio Citterio for their AXOR Citterio line, and one thing is obvious—these fixtures have their own accent.  The familiar lines of classical bathroom design are intermingled with subtle stylistic changes that add intrigue and depth not found in other designers' work.  While the cookie-cutter design of standard-issue bathroom fixtures changes subtly over the years, these pieces are not likely to ever be imitated or adapted.  They stand alone, proudly and distinctively different than the monotony of familiar voices.

View AXOR Citterio collection here. 

If you're looking for the same bathroom fixtures as everyone else, there are plenty of comfortable and familiar options available, including other product lines from Hansgrohe.  But if you're looking for a true accent piece, look no further than AXOR Citterio.