Light your own way — Standard Products Low Profile Downlight

Jun 26, 2018
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It's nice having the freedom to do your own thing. Choosing the wardrobe you want on the weekend (without the influence of OH&S or company dress code), watching whatever show you want, and ordering your favorite meal are wonderful little freedoms that celebrate your individuality. It's great to be free of the compulsions of other people's decisions and preferences.

The same notion applies to redoing your lighting. Rather than being constrained to only putting fixtures where someone else decided they should go, you should have the flexibility to put lights where you want them. The problem here is that, in most cases, that would mean serious renovations.  And even if you tear down your ceiling to redo everything from the start, architectural supports might interfere with your proposed lighting design.

Fortunately, freedom doesn't always require such drastic measures. Standard Products has made it possible to put lights where you want them, and it's easier than ever with their series of Low Profile Downlights. Because they're less than an inch thick, they can fit literally anywhere in your ceiling, even if it's a space that would otherwise be impeded by the presence of joists or beams behind the drywall. They can simply be inset within the drywall itself, meaning they can be located exactly where you want them. Some models are even designed for wet locations, meaning you can even light your shower exactly how you want it.

Quit following other people's designs, and light your own way.

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