Keep it Clean - American Standard Studio Activate Touchless Toilet

Aug 15, 2016
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There are a few basic elements that make for a successful toilet design. A powerful flush, limited water consumption, and an appealing design are all helpful. The American Standard Activate toilet in their Studio line can make some pretty big claims in all those areas, from its oversized flush valve to a super-efficient 4.8 liter/flush rating, as well as a host of complimenting fixtures for a completely congruent washroom design.

But without a doubt, the best feature of this toilet is its cleanliness.

Whether it comes to washing your hands, rinsing your vegetables, or sweeping your floor, it’s just better when things are clean.  Toilets, though they are responsible for the dirtiest of jobs, are no exception when it comes to the importance of cleanliness. 

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Everything about this unit is wired (literally!) to minimize the spread of germs, including a touchless flush interface that operates with a wave of your hand.  It’s easily turned off for cleaning, features a manual override, and the four included AA batteries last for two years. The seat that can be easily removed for thorough cleaning, and the entire toilet has a built-in antimicrobial surface.  Finally, the overall design promotes cleanliness as well with its flat, easy-wipe sides that eliminate the nooks and crannies of the trapway, which are notoriously difficult to keep clean.

Life gets dirty.  Maybe it’s time to consider a toilet that makes keeping things clean just a little bit easier.