The Endless Battle Between Light and Darkness

Aug 4, 2016
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For one reason or another, you're awake in the middle of the night.  The house is dark, everyone is asleep, and it seems like a trip to the bathroom is inevitable before you can resume your rest.  It's something that has happened to us all more often than we'd like.

Your feet hit the floor, you head to your en suite or maybe down the hall, enter your bathroom, and hesitate for a second.  If I flip this light switch, you think, I’ll be able to see.  But there are five 100-watt bulbs in here, plus mirrors to reflect all that light.  Is it really worth it?

It's the never-ending battle between light and darkness.  Maybe you're used to going in blind.  Perhaps you've gotten accustomed to turning on a hall light and leaving the door slightly ajar.  Or maybe you've given up the hope of gentle lighting and have learned to just unleash the full day-time fury of lighting on your poor, tired eyes.

Sometimes a solution is so obvious that we don't even imagine it.  No matter how many times you've woken up in the night, it's not likely that the thought has occurred to you: What if there was a small, gentle light somehow connected to my toilet seat?  Fortunately, it crossed somebody else's mind, and it's a simple fix to the timeless nighttime struggle for optimal bathroom lighting.  The Bemis Iluma-light provides a soft red glow that's designed to be as undisruptive as possible, which allows you to get back to sleep easier.  It's easily programmed for an eight-hour cycle, has a battery-saving sensor that turns the light off when an overhead light is in use, and it sheds light both into the tank and under the seat, so there's no need for any additional lighting.

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Win the timeless nighttime battle of light and dark once and for all, and get back to sleep easier.