Simple and Stylish – Ella Sleek by Maax

Jun 28, 2016
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Not every bathroom is perfect for a free-standing tub.  A space has to manage the audacity and character of such an attention-grabbing centerpiece.  Ample space, appropriate surroundings, and interior design that provides a fitting backdrop for the large and luxurious element are all necessary, lest the space feel unbalanced or forced.

Furthermore, not every freestanding tub is capable of standing its ground in a bathroom of this sort.  Such a fixture must be simple but not plain, elegant but not gaudy, notable but not imposing, versatile but not without its own character.  The requirements of the perfect tub also go beyond its presence and appearance; a free-standing tub should also be comfortable as well as adaptable, functional without being utilitarian.  

Suffice to say, finding the perfect freestanding tub is a challenge; unless you’re familiar with the Ella Sleek tub by Maax. Walking the fine line between simple and stylish, its smooth curves, innovative drain system, and available palette of traditional and daring non-standard colours place this tub in a clear position of privilege amongst its competition and distinction within any home.  Not every freestanding tub has what it takes: unless it’s this one.