Smarten Up! Leviton smart home accessories

Aug 9, 2017
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What do phones, thermostats, and your home have in common?  They're all getting smarter.  You can tell your thermostat to turn on the air conditioning when you leave from work.  You can program your lights to turn on once you unlock the door.

Or at least, you can if you have the right tools.  Customers with smart home hubs (such as Samsung's Smart Things, Apple Home, or Amazon's Alexa) can add to their home programming with Leviton's smart home compatible switches, dimmers, and accessories—all available at a Bartle & Gibson location near you.  Now you can manage a normal lighting schedule for your home while on vacation, set your bedroom lights to gently turn on as you wake in the morning, and control lamps and other plug-in electronics that aren't hardwired.

Even after your home has been setup with smart technology, it's easy to add more functionality by expanding the number of smart options within your home.  Add a few rooms at a time, or configure your entire house at once with smart hardware from Leviton that meets all your automation needs and desires.

Make a smart choice next time you're doing renovations or replacing a switch, with Leviton smart home compatible options.