These Sinks Rock

Jul 21, 2017
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Granite Sinks by Franke & Blanco

These sinks rock. Okay, technically, these sinks are rock.  But as you’ll soon see, they’re also pretty amazing.

Throughout its lifetime, the average sink endures 132 pounds of steel wool and more than 300 liters of drain cleaner.  That’s why both industry leaders Franke and Blanco have decided to provide top of the line granite sinks for customers.  Stainless steel has long been the primary choice for sinks, but with new technology, that’s going to start changing.  Manufactured granite sinks are:

Durable – Highly resistant to heat, chipping, scratching, and staining, these products are literally designed to last a lifetime.  They’re also easy to care for, requiring little more than a bit of soapy water and the occasional scrub, which means that you can say goodbye to harsh cleaning agents.

Hygienic – Integrated antibacterial measures are included with sinks from both manufacturers, meaning that you’re well protected against microbial growth regardless of which option you choose.  A non-porous composition also means that what you’re putting down the drain will stay there, rather than becoming a part of your kitchen permanently.

Stylish – Rise above the usual stainless steel with something that stands out.  All of these sinks are available in a wide variety of colours that compliment an array of recommended faucets, with some designs even earning a prestigious Red Dot award.

Visit your local Bartle & Gibson location to see, feel, and experience a state-of-the-art granite sink today.