Smooth and Clean – Moen Magnetix

Jul 5, 2017
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When you step out of your shower, it’s likely that you anticipate two conditions to be met: you want to be both smoother and cleaner than when you stepped in.  There isn’t much open discussion about what makes for a “successful” showering experience, but nobody wants to leave a shower dirtier and in more disarray.  Regardless of whether your personal shower routine includes detangling, shaving, callous removal, or exfoliating, “smooth” and “clean” are always desirable end results.  Moen has taken a step in a new direction to make their showers equipped with Magnetix fit this description as well.

Smooth: The Magnetix system introduces a magnetic cradle to the shower docking system.  This creates a reliable latch system that can be operated easily, even if your eyes are closed to keep out the shampoo.  Cleaning kids and pets goes more smoothly as well thanks to an abundant length of metal hose to reach where you need to be. Not only is this system straightforward and easy to use, it also simplifies the design significantly.

Clean:  With this simplified design, there are fewer “bits and pieces” in your shower setup.  No hooks, latches, or mounting bars – just a clean, crisp, and simple design.  Not only does the Magnetix system make your shower look cleaner, but this streamlined design means fewer components to clean and maintain.  Getting clean is both easy and comfortable with six different spray functions available at the touch of a button on the handle of the spray head. 

Learn more about Magnetix here.

Ahhh, smooth and clean.  That feels better already.