The Duct Tape Dilemma - Quickpatch

Jun 21, 2017
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If watching CBC on Saturday mornings in the 1990s taught me anything, it's that duct tape can solve any problem.  Whether rejigging the front wheel on a station wagon to function as a grinding wheel, or affixing a curling stone to a pulley system to retrieve a bottle of beer from the fridge, duct tape held the magical solution every time.

Alas, since becoming an adult I have discovered a sad truth about the universe: duct tape can’t fix everything.  From the goopy mess after it gets too hot to the inevitable separation of weave from glue after a few years, each failed effort of using this wondrous silver roll makes the world a little less magical.  Which leaves the question: What could possibly take the place of duct tape?  There's no other product that can claim such versatility—or is there?

Where duct tape left off, Quickpatch picks up, sticks on, and permanently seals. The new magic solution to all your adhesive problems goes on like a sticker, adheres itself to ANY hard surface (even rust!), and can even be sanded, painted, and drilled.  In essence, it is a soft fiberglass patch that can be molded to any surface, regardless of its shape, and hardens up quickly after exposure to sunlight.  Available in a variety of sizes, each piece can be custom cut to suit your project, whether it's in the home, garage, garden, campsite, or lakeside.  Durable from -40˚C to over 200˚C and capable of withstanding a whopping 2200PSI of pressure, there are literally countless applications for this fix-all.

…but it might still be best not to make a grinding wheel out of your station wagon with it.

Learn more about this amazing product here