Switch – SpaceLite by RAB Design

Jan 9, 2018
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A lot of things in life have VERY strong associations, to the point that it’s hard to imagine some things by themselves.  You'll likely never see a panda without bamboo, a rainforest without colorful birds, or butter chicken without naan.  Mmmmmm, naan.  The strongest associations we hold are with more everyday items—have you ever encountered a light fixture that didn't have a switch?  You're about to: meet the SpaceLite by Canadian design company RAB.

"How does it work without a switch?  Why would I want that?  What else can I rely on in these trying times if not age-old conventions of lights and switches?"  Trust me, it’s not so scary: the SpaceLite has a built-in sensor that activates the LED module for one minute after detecting someone’s presence.  It’s perfect for closets, garages, utility rooms, attics, or stairwells – exactly the sort of space where you’re likely to pop in and not stick around for too long.  Installation is easy, the design is clean and smooth, and it literally requires zero effort to operate as it simply turns on when you’re in the area, then off again after you’ve gone.

Is it time to switch to a light that doesn’t need a switch?

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