Let’s be Open – Vettis by Brizo

Jan 23, 2018
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“The deal was made behind closed doors.”

“She doesn’t seem very open to my ideas.”

“That window of opportunity has since closed.”

Let’s be open about something – being closed off is seldom positive.  It’s discouraging to see an “OPEN” sign turned off at the restaurant you were thinking about trying out.  Seeing “Closed now” when you search your local hardware store means that the task you wanted to finish off will have to wait until tomorrow.

But what about faucets?  We all know that water flows through them, but have spent our entire lives assuming that the process has to be a dark, secretive affair.  The brand-new Vettis line by Brizo changes that with solid geometric designs and, quite simply, a lot of openness.  Let the light shine in while water cascades out, creating a natural sensory experience that bring a whole new dimension to washing your hands.  But don’t feel like you have to stop at the sink – Vettis covers everything from tubs to bidets, and even custom shower systems.

View product line here.

It’s good to be open – even when it comes to your faucet.