The Freestanding Tub for the Rest of us

Feb 6, 2018
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Sometimes the conceptual appeal of a circumstance is better than its actual implementation.  "I wish I had twins!" is something that mothers of twins often aren't impressed to hear from parents who don't understand their position.  "It would be so fun to go skydiving!" is something people might say, but seldom have any intention of following through on.

"I wish I could have a freestanding tub" fits in the same category - most people love the idea, but might not ever have a situation that allows for it to become a reality.  Not everyone has three hundred square feet of bathroom space, making such a stunning lavatory centerpiece only an unsubstantiated desire.  

Thanks to American Standard's Townsend freestanding tub, this dream just became a much more realistic possibility.  Here's how it works: with traditional freestanding tubs, you need empty space on all sides - the claw-footed tubs of old just don't sit cleanly against a wall, and then the space would appear cramped, which is the opposite of the design intention of this fixture.  With the Townsend, however, one side of the tub is designed with flexibility in mind - it can be truly freestanding, but its design easily allows it to be nestled against a wall to maximize space.  Flexible tub-filling options (including deck-mount, free-standing, or wall-mounted) mean that if you can fit a tub in your space, you can fit this tub.

View the product here.

Admit it - you're never going to go skydiving or have to change two diapers simultaneously.  But living the dream of having a stylish bathroom with a gorgeous freestanding tub just got a little more real.