Who Needs Physics, Anyways? – ShieldSpray by Delta

Apr 3, 2018
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Science is awesome.  The realms of biology, chemistry, and physics have impacted literally everything we do in life, from how we eat and sleep, to the ways we work, move, and play.  And now, science can claim responsibility for making washing dishes easier, less messy, and so much cooler!  Thanks to the brilliant scientific minds at Delta behind ShieldSpray technology, you can clean dishes faster and with less spray.

Amazing, right?  Here’s how it works: each ShieldSpray faucet produces a high-powered stream of water that does all the heavy work.  Usually, a high-powered stream results in high-powered back-spray, meaning that all of that water (and whatever you just cleaned off of that plate) goes everywhere.  Here’s where the science comes in – if there’s moving water surrounding the powerful central stream, all of the spray gets gently mixed into the slower-moving current and loses its momentum.

View the new ShieldSprayTM technology here.

Gone are the days where you need to choose between having a clean casserole dish or a dry floor – Delta has made it possible to get intense cleaning power without making a disaster of the rest of the kitchen.  As to how they can make the water flow into that egg shape… well, physics was never my strongest subject.