The Perfect Shower - U by Moen

Mar 20, 2018
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Perfection is hard to bottle – getting something exactly right is never necessarily an indication that you’ll be able to repeat the same ideal outcome another time.  But thanks to U by Moen, your shower can be perfect—every single day.

Think it’s impossible?  It usually is.  What’s tricky about getting your shower perfect is context: the perfect shower first thing on a Saturday morning might be completely different than the perfect shower on a Tuesday night after a workout.  Temperature, duration, and even nozzle settings all play a role in getting things exactly right.

U by Moen can help you put the finishing touches on perfecting your routines, customizing up to ten pre-set shower modes just how you want them and allowing you to replicate your own personal preferences exactly the same way every time.  If you want 104°F for 23 minutes from your rainfall showerhead on Saturdays and 101°F for 12 minutes after working out Tuesdays, then that’s exactly what you’ll get. 

Want more features?  You can even eliminate the need to wait before your shower—set your preferences on the mobile app from under the covers and you'll get a notification once everything is ready.  Voice controls through Amazon Alexa® make the process even easier – you can start your morning shower literally without lifting a finger.

View the U by Moen here.

Find your perfect shower.  Have a perfect shower consistently.  It’s that easy.