Every Light - Philips hue

Mar 6, 2018
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Attempting to say the word “lightbulbs” and “exciting” in the same breath feels like a challenge.  Perhaps the only thing more mundane than lightbulbs is socks, and even socks have gotten pretty exciting in the last few years.  How interesting could a lightbulb possibly be?

But this lightbulb is every lightbulb.  Countless droves of spouses have made trips back and forth to the hardware store because their significant other might have thought their recently purchased replacement bulb was “too blue” or “not warm enough” for a particular room.  The hue line of lighting solutions from Philips solves this problem and every other possible imaginable problem by giving you absolute control over what light it produces.

Brighter?  Sure.

Bluer? No problem.

Follow voice commands with my smart-home hub?  Absolutely.

Turn on gradually to wake me up, and gradually turn off as I go to sleep? You got it.

Dim down and change to green in order to fit the ambiance of the forest fairy tale I’m reading to my child before bedtime?  Naturally.

Turn my favourite sports team’s colours whenever they score a goal?  Wooooooooo!

hue is compatible with a huge array of smart-home platforms, and can be controlled from anywhere using the Philips hue app or any number of third-party controls.  Starter kits, single bulbs, lighting strips, lamps, and an array of controls at your fingertips will work in any (or every!) room in your home.

Learn more here.

And just like that – lightbulbs are exciting.