April 2021 New Electrical Products

Apr 1, 2021
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SliderBar Boxes

Arlington's SlideBar Boxes are ideal for mounting a single or two-gang box between wood or metal studs with non-standard spacing. Arlington’s SL18 steel SlideBar looks great and saves about 20 minutes per box over cutting and nailing extra 2x4s. It’s adjustable to fit between studs spaced 12 to 18 inches apart, and allows you to position one or multiple boxes where you need them in the stud cavity. ...Read More

SCS: Surface Canopy Square

• Quick mount design simplifies installation
• Standard Z10 receptacle simplifies adding controls
• Low profile is ideal in applications with low mounting heights
• PowerSet feature allows for multiple “set and forget” lumen stops
• Up to 150 lpw ultra-high efficiency delivers superior performance
• Optional field installed “garage” lens, optimizes the light distribution for garage applications ...Read More

Athena: 2ft LED Linear w/Xi-Fi

Athena Series LED Stairwell is specifically designed for use in stairwells where the space is often unoccupied for long periods of time. It reduces energy usage by up to 85% by providing full on light levels only when the space is occupied and returning to power saving dim levels when the space is unoccupied. ...Read More

Hygienic Type 4X Stainless Steel Junction Box

• Designed to enclose electrical and/or electronic equipment and protect against harsh, hygienic environments for junction box and wallmount applications.
• Sloped on 4 sides prevent water from resting on top regardless of enclosure orientation.
• Hex head design screws and door-edge mounted silicone gasket allow for easy cleaning in hose-down environments. ...Read More

Hygienic Type 4X Stainless Steel Pushbutton Enclosure

• Designed to pushbuttons and indicators while protecting against harsh, hygienic environments.
• Sloped on 4 sides prevent water from resting on top regardless of enclosure orientation.
• Hex head design screws and door-edge mounted silicone gasket allow for easy cleaning in hose-down environments.
• A wide range of sizes and practical accessories make this product line a complete package....Read More

Twister® Proflex™ Wire Connectors

Twister® ProFLEX is rated for 1000 volts, and offers the added protection of a flexible skirt. It delivers the widest wire combination range in its class, and is ergonomically designed for ease of use. Everyday performance professional electricians can trust.
• Rated for 1000V, both AC and DC
• Flexible skirt provides improved protection and adapts to tightly fit electrical boxes with limited space ...Read More

EPR Repair Kit for Conduit & Duct

These clever and innovative conduit repair kits from IPEX are the first total repair systems for broken and damaged PVC conduit. They offer fast and easy repairs for damaged conduit caused by actions such as earth excavation, horizontal and core drilling. With unique interlocking joints, the EPR Kits’ two half shell bell by bell pieces simply close around the installed wire and cable. ...Read More

E Series® Retrofit Trim Module

The new Juno® E Series® Retrofit Trim Module provides you with optimal value and flexibility! Featuring switchable white technology, the Juno E Series offers flexibility for lighting a space to the desired color temperature with the integrated switch. With aperture sizes in both 4” and 5”/6”, these trims are ideal for retrofitting or can be paired with recessed housings for quick and easy installation into new construction applications. ...Read More

Wire Stripper / Cutter, 8-20 AWG

Klein Tools introduces the Klein-Kurve® Wire Stripper/ Cutter.
• Wire Stripper with six precision ground stripping holes for 8-18 AWG Solid and 10-20 AWG Stranded wire
• Narrower head geometry gets into hard to reach places
• Screw shearing holes for 6-32 and 8-32 bolts
• Precision, shear-like blades provide clean cuts...Read More

LED Illuminated Switch

Leviton introduces the only LED Illuminated Switches on the market today designed for optimal performance with all bulb types, including LEDs, CFLs and incandescent, without requiring a neutral. These Illuminated Switches can replace any standard switch. The white LED light inside the switch provides a refreshed and modern appearance. Switch remains illuminated in the OFF position, so it is easy to locate in a dark room. ...Read More

New Decora® Motion Sensors

Leviton announced a new line of Decora® Motion Sensors designed to provide users optimal management of lighting and motor loads with enhanced detection functionality for accurate switching. The new occupancy and vacancy sensors offer flexible single pole or 3-way installation options, wiring with or without a neutral conductor, and a slim profile with the shallowest depth on the market today for easy installation in new construction and retrofit applications. ...Read More

Athena Lighting Control System

Athena is a flexible, simple, all-in-one solution that combines the world’s most advanced light source with intelligent shades and connected apps to deliver a holistic light experience. With Athena, light is yours to create, yours to control, and yours to personalize. Create a cohesive light story with Athena. Start with daylight, and bring the outdoors in with Lutron shades. ...Read More

12' Glow-in-Dark Fish Stick

Use Southwire’s glow-in-the-dark fiberglass fish stick rods to pull wire and Cable behind walls, across ceilings, under carpets and raised floors. Glow in-the-dark fish sticks are more visible then other non glow-in-the-dark fish rods. Individual sections easily screw together to form a single rod to -provide extended reach. ...Read More

Cerebrum - Smart Emergency Lighting

Stanpro's Cerebrum is a new and innovative way to look at emergency lighting. Modern setup, smarter solution. This battery unit has network capability: log into your emergency lighting system remotely and track changes in real time. Monitor multiple Cerebrum systems in a single building, and multiple systems across different buildings. ...Read More