March 2021 New Electrical Products

Mar 1, 2021
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Non-metallic Hole Cover Kits

Arlington’s non-metallic hole cover kits offer the fastest way to cover a hole – and ensure compliance with OSHA safety standards on a multi-story building site. Available in two sizes, covers come with retaining clips that allow for adjustment to fit a range of hole sizes. ...Read More

Lenexa Vanity

New Lenexa Vanity fro EiKO
• 2', 3', 4' lengths
• 28W, 40W, 55W, 56W
• FieldCCeT Selectable or 3000K CCT
• Triac or 0-10V Dimming...Read More

Juno Wafer™ LED Downlights

The Wafer™ LED Indoor/Outdoor Housing-Free Rececessed Downlight with Switchable White features a switch for five easy color temperature adjustments – while eliminating the need for recessed housings. For enhanced glare control, the NEW Regressed Baffle option provides a ½” regression which reduces glare and shadows at the ceiling plane. ...Read More

Mini-Meter Power Meters in Indoor Enclosure

VerifEye™ 0.5% Mini Meter Kits offer a fully integrated, line-powered wireless Automated Meter Readings (AMR) solution with 0.5% accuracy for multi-tenant applications. Designed to provide a simple and effective energy monitoring solution, the 0.5% Mini Meter Kits accurately capture measurements of power consumption and meet the rigorous requirements of ANSI C12.20 (0.5) Code for Electricity Metering. ...Read More

Introducing Liteline OnCloud - Your Smart Home WIFI Lighting Solution

Liteline OnCloud is the latest in smart home lighting solutions. Pair your lights to Wi-Fi through the WiZ app with no hub needed! Create scenes, schedules, set circadian rhythm, and more. Change your lighting to suit your life, from your phone or smart home device. Full color and white tuning available for downlights, and tape, and on/off and diming control through Wi-Fi for all other dimming fixtures. ...Read More

TWX LED Family – Re-Inventing the Traditional Glass Wall Pack

The Lithonia Lighting® TWX LED family has been re-invented from the ground up, delivering superior illumination in a traditional form while providing the low initial cost that customers demand. The all-new TWX LED glass wall pack family is anything but traditional. The TWX LED wall packs feature a premium borosilicate glass lens that works in conjunction with the high-efficiency light engine to provide superior illumination while minimizing wasted up-light. ...Read More

Maestro Pro LED + Phase-Selectable Dimmer

The Lutron Maestro Pro LED + Dimmer for Radio RA 2 & RA2 Select provides optimal phase-selectable dimming performance with forward and reverse phase dimming. The Maestro Pro LED+ Dimmer is compatible with all LED, ELV, MLV, halogen and incandescent lamps. Lutron's patented technology optimizes the dim range of bulbs and prevents interference with other dimmers for flicker-free performance. ...Read More

7IN1 High-Leverage Combination Pliers

Our 7-in-1 High-Leverage Combination Pliers feature seven core functions for electrical installation. The wide jaw pliers make grabbing and twisting wire easy, while the crimper provides you with added functionality when working with both insulated and non-insulated terminals. The wire cutter, wire stripper, and loop maker allow you to make quick wire preparation. ...Read More

Under Cabinet LED

The UC120-LED is an efficient energy-star certified undercabinet light with a 120V AC dimmable driver that eliminates the need for an external power source. These fixtures are easy to install and can be used in a plugin or hardwired installations.
• Line voltage fixture with built-in 120V dimming driver.
• Extruded aluminum housing with a frosted lens in white finish.
• Fixture lengths of 12″, 20″, 40″, and 60″....Read More

Single and Double-Ended Lamp

STANDARD® offers an impressive range of Single and Double-Ended Halogen lamps. These lamps offer a crisp white light, long reliable life and consistent colour and brightness. The Single-Ended lamps are perfect for use in display cases, museums, restaurants, retail stores and marine/boat applications. The Double-Ended lamps are the ideal choice for applications such as floor lamps, flood lights, sconces and bath bar fixtures. ...Read More

CXM Hazardous Location Multi Mount Luminaire

The CXM hazardous location multi mount luminaire is designed for installations where vibration may be present or in NEMA 3 and 4X locations where high ambient temperatures can be expected. The CXM can be used in locations made hazardous by the presence of flammable vapors or gases or combustible dusts as defined by the NEC and IEC. ...Read More

LED Backlit Panel 3 CCT and 3 Power Selectable

L3PNB LED panel lights utilize next-generation back-lit technology, ensuring high performance, superior uniformity, and reduced glare. Featuring a 120-347V driver and the versatility to change the colour temperature and lumen output with a simple switch, the L3PNB series is the premier and cost-effective solution for reducing stocking inventory. ...Read More