Electrical 2023 New Electrical Products

Sep 14, 2023
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ARISTA® Advanced Lighting Control System

ARISTA combines a range of lighting control devices, including occupancy and vacancy sensors, daylight harvesting sensors and in-wall control switches. ...Read More


Gated Bucket Hooks

Klein Tools introduces Gated Bucket Hooks, with a locking mechanism to attach to standard aerial bucket lips and help reduce the risk of tools falling....Read More


OPT-X™ SJZ Fiber Cable and Assemblies

SJZ cabling features sub-jacketed fiber groups that qualify as a rated cable for individual routing paths, giving network managers more options with breakouts in racks, cabinets and cable management routing. ...Read More


Patch Cord Options

featuring new Sustainably Smart Packaging. The new GREENPACK packaging option reduces installation time and cost, while also eliminating single-use plastic jobsite waste. ...Read More


Tri-Level Motion Sensor LED Strip

Featuring an integrated tri-level microwave motion sensor, preventing energy loss and increasing energy savings. ...Read More